Frequently Asked Questions

What is Batik?

Batik is an ancient wax-resist dyeing technique that has existed since the 4th century BC.  This art form is most often associated with the island of Java, Indonesia, but is also a very prevalent art form today in the Caribbean.

Hot wax is applied to white, natural fiber fabrics. The wax then cools, and begins to crack. Fabric is then dyed, and the wax resists the dye, remaining white. The fabric is dried, and then wax is reapplied and the fabric dyed again. The final step is to remove the wax, usually by placing the fabric in boiling water. Left behind it a fun, colorful design!

How do I wash LizzyLoo?

We do recommend the first time you wash any LizzyLoo purchase to do so with like colors, just to be safe! After that, all pieces wash just like a T-shirt. 

Will my purchase shrink?

No, the will not shrink. All LizzyLoo pieces are pre-shrunk, and are exposed to very hot water multiple times throughout the creation process.

Why does it take 2 weeks to ship my order?

Each LizzyLoo piece is handmade to order. Batik is different from a silk screen, where one can quickly and easily mass produce products. Each batik piece has hot wax applied, and then is dyed and dried, and in some cases, waxed and dyed again. It takes a little more time, but everything you order from LizzyLoo is one of a kind, made just for you!